What do we do?

Summit works with manufacturing and quality engineers to help define their processes.  We focus on collecting data, verifying that the data is accurate, and using it to make informed decisions.  We understand and use GRR and process capability studies to our advantage.  We look at the % tolerance of the GRR study and the capability of the process Cp.  This way, tolerance bands can be offset to ensure a capable process without having to spend a fortune on new inspection equipment. We can sell the latest and greatest quality equipment or we can focus on what the customer already has and can go all the way to a full lights out turn key cell. 

Who are we?

Summit is a team of Manufacturing professionals with 40+ years’ experience programming CMMS (Zeiss calypso, Modus, MCosmos, MeasureMax, Polyworks, etc.) and running manufacturing/quality departments.  We are former Quality Managers, Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts and machinists.  We have worked on the shop floor and have firsthand experience equating quality inspection programs with time and money saved.  We specialize in working with machinists so they understand the role quality plays and how it can benefit them.  Once the guys that make the parts are won over, everyone wins.  

Matt Menard (Owner/Partner)

  • 15 years’ experience working in a manufacturing environment.  10 Years at GE as a manufacturing engineer, CMM/CNC Programmer/Manager, Quality Manager and Certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt.  Proficient in most CAD/CAM packages as well as metrology softwares, included but not limited to, Mastercam, Unigraphics NX, Esprit, Measuremax, Modus, Apt, Fanuc G-code(for on machine probing inspection and parametric CNC programming), Keyence software and Zeiss.  Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Ethan Hurley (Owner/Partner)

10 years’ experience working in a manufacturing environment. 5 years at a small manufacturing shop as a CNC setup/programmer/machinist. In May of 2016, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Proficient in a variety of software packages including Fanuc G-code , Zeiss Calypso, Modus, Prolink, Keyence, SolidWorks. He is also part owner in a design and manufacturing company concentrating on plastic injection molding.

Micheal Pursley (Owner/Partner)

25 years’ experience working in a manufacturing environment.  10 years’ experience in Automotive as CMM Programmer/Quality Engineer with time spent at Toyota, Proactive Quality, International Crankshaft.  15 years’ experience in Aerospace and Defense working for, or servicing such companies as Boeing, BE Aerospace, Northrup Grumman, and Lockheed Martin.  Also experienced in Drafting, Design and CMM programming. Proficient with most CAD and CMM platforms and metrology software.

Where we are located?

28 Dunklee Rd. Unit 6, Bow, NH 03304

28 Dunklee Rd. Unit 6, Bow, NH 03304

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