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Doosan Lynx

This is an exciting time at Summit as we start to add our own manufacturing operation.

For the last 4 years Summit has been working as a contract engineering service business helping our customers deliver top quality parts faster and cheaper. We have worked closely with both manufacturing and quality to ensure the solutions we come up with benefit the organization at all levels. We have prided our company on being able to control a process from start to finish, utilizing data to drive our decision making and suggestions to the end customer. Now Summit is going to be able to do the same things for customers as a supplier.

With the addition of CNC machining equipment, Summit will embark on the journey of cutting metal. We will utilize all the knowledge we have to fully define the process up front and with the use of robotics and other cutting edge products we sell on the service side we will generate state of the art lights out cells. This will enable us to deliver tremendous value for our customer base by providing the best product possible at a more affordable rate then they can produce it internally.

The new machine shop and the established service-based business will play well off each other. We will have new capabilities with the additions of the machine shop that will supplement what we already can offer on the service side. The ability to not only design, but now build fixtures in house will allow us to save time and money on these projects. The shop provides Summit with a working show room to illustrate what we preach to our customers. It will give us the opportunity to demo live how lights out cells work, and we will have actual production numbers to illustrate ROI and cost benefits of this type of manufacturing.

We will keep everyone informed as we progress on this new adventure, but wanted to use this blog as a first shoutout to get the wheels turning.

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Summit is a team of manufacturing professionals with 40+ years of experience programming CMMS (All languages) and running manufacturing/quality departments. We are former Quality Managers, Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts, and machinists. We have firsthand experience equating quality inspection programs with time and money saved. We specialize in working with machinists so they understand the role quality plays and how it can benefit them, which makes everyone’s jobs easier.

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