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One of our main goals at Summit is to make sure metrology equipment (Specifically CMMS) are used to their potential!  In order to do that, companies must understand what it is they are buying and some of the metrology / technical information about how the machines work.  To this end, we will be publishing a series of articles walking customers though what a CMM is, what to expect out of it, and how to get the most out of their purchase.  A CMM is not a black box and numbers don’t magically come out at the end of the program.  It takes programming skills, metrology experience, trial and error, and data analysis to create a rock-solid program.  This effort upfront can save companies thousands of dollars in production and scrap costs, and Summit wants to be the company to help your team do just that. 


We will look at topics like:

  • Contractor vs. Employee programming

  • Accuracy/calibration/uncertainty

  • MSA (Measurement System Analysis) and GRR (Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility) as it applies to a CMM or automated gauge

  • Types of CMMS and advances in technology


This is going to be a free-flowing informal blog, but there will also be lots of technical information and we will gladly have a more in-depth conversation with anyone who wants to.  Some articles will be links to other sites where we have found great information.  Some will be written like this and others might be videos.  We appreciate any feedback you might have and look forward to having some fun with this. 

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